who are we

Bringing class to cuisine.

It’s our commitment!!! Every moment you spent with us are beautiful memories…

This reflects and support our vision as a brand ‘DRINK LAB CAFÉ’

With a menu, featuring a unique blend of Flavors and Fresh ingredients, takes inspiration from Chinese, Italian, French and Indian Cuisine. A signature touch is introduced to every item on the Menu to excite guest’s taste buds. Complementing the dining experience, ‘DRINK LAB CAFÉ, has designed some frothing beverages.

At Drink Lab Café, guests can enjoy a casual fine dining experience. We are confident to promise our guest, with our ‘Hygiene and Quality Check procedures’, high standard of hygiene and cleanliness will be maintained and no compromise will be made on the quality of food and ingredients. Guests can explore, relax and spend quality time enjoying warmth and comfort of our customer service. And on a final note, these all comes at an accessible price point ‘There is everything for everyone on the menu’.

Our Specials